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Sent in by Andrew Watkins Works like stuck-in-the-mud but backwards. In 'stuck-in-the-mud' players have to stand still once.

Pole Game

Submitted by Joan Esser Preparation: Take a 5 foot (1.5m) closet pole / wooden pole. Drill holes all.

Red Letter

Sent in by Olivia Carr and Zoe Tallack One player, the caller goes and stands some distance away.

Hula-Hoop Pass

Sent in by Erika Dorsey You will need:A Hula-Hoop or similar large ring. You could consider playing this.

Chinese School

Sent in by Eileen McBride All you need are stairs and a rock/pebble. If you don't have a set.


Players partner up and stand creating two concentric circles so that one stands on the inner circle facing.

Dancing Feet

At a given signal, players alternate from running on the spot very quickly to running around. Can be.

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