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Heads Down, Thumbs Up (for audiences)

by Kit
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Requires 3 children/players to be able to move around among the other children. So not suited for audiatoriums where seats are close to each other and little room for movement between those seated.

3 or 4 players are selected and stand to one side or one the stage. On the command “Heads Down, Thumbs up” those sitting have to put their heads down, close their eyes and put their fists by the side of their heads with their thumbs sticking out. When everybody has complied the 3 or 4 players previously chosen walk as quietly as possible around the group and choose one person each by touching/gently gripping the persons thumbs. When a player is touched on their thumb they fold them into their fists indicating that they have already been selected. Players who are caught keeping their eyes open or peeping during the game may not be selected.

When of those walking has selected a player they go back to standing in a line up. The leader then calls “Heads up” and all players sitting can look up. Those players who were touched put their hands up to indicate they were chosen and try to guess which of those standing touched them. If they are right they swap places.


Ask players not to announce or indicate who was right or wrong until everybody has had a guess, to give everybody an equal chance in guessing. Also suggest players touch indivdiuals thumbs when they are standing behind them. There’s less chance they will be ‘seen’ 🙂

Historically a game adapted to meet a query about what games the funandgames.org site had for using with large audiences in theaters, etc, where you have large numbers of people either seated and/or standing, or you have very little room to move and/or do not want people to move, such as in assemblies, auditoriums, audiences, etc…

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