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British Bulldogs

Use a large pitch or hall for this game, to allow players plenty of room for manoeuvrability. Home.

Jigsaw Relay

Give each team the pieces to a simple unassembled jigsaw (e.g. no more than 50 pieces). One jigsaw.

Time Ball

Relay Race You need:- ball for each team Teams line up with about 2m between each player and.


A lively game that requires a leader to manage play. Each player thinks up the name of a.

Train Wreck

Sent in by Elise Hammond "Here is a game that we play a lot. It's great for inside.


Sent in by Katelyn Polumbo You will need:Chairs or some sort of seats/stools Arrange the seats in a.

All-in-Dodge Ball

aka "Ball Tag" As Dodge Ball. Play using a largish ball (volleyball or English football (soccer) sized ball.

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