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by Kit
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Sent in by Kristi-Anna and Mike

Play this like normal bingo, but when somebody gets a number they have to make an animal sound. When they get BINGO they have to sing Old MacDonald.

The actual game of Bingo requires the leader or ‘caller’ to randomly pick numbers from a fixed set (eg 1-90), but such that once picked that number can not be picked again. Players have in front of them cards with numbers. Each player having the same number of numbers, but a different selection of numbers on each piece of paper/card. When a number is called out players check their cards to see if they have that number and cross it off. The first player to check off a row of numbers calls out and wins.

For Bingo you need to prepare a number of cards or pieces of paper, one for each player at least. Each piece of paper is marked into a grid (typically a 9×3 grid in the UK) with 5 numbers and 4 blank spaces randomly allocated to each row (15 numbers in total). You might find it easier to buy ready-made Bingo cards.

Don’t forget the bag of numbers to call. Ways this can be done include putting pieces of paper in a bag. Each piece numbered differently from 1-90. Typically Bingo callers use numbered balls for this purpose.

A good piece about the history and types of Bingo can be found on Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bingo_(British_version)

The US uses a different Bingo system of only using 1-75, and cards are arranged in 5×5 25 square grid. The centre space is left free as a free space. Around this are 16 random numbers from 1-75. 4 numbers to each row and/or column and 1 space. Winning can be accomplished depending on which pattern/s of play. See the Wikipedia entry for more information. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bingo_(American_version)

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