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Find the Leader

by Kit
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Makes a good party game, especially if you are looking for quieter games to play where you have limited space.

Players form a circle either standing up or sitting down, but so that they can all see each other. One player is selected to be the ‘guesser’ and taken out of the room so they cannot see who gets picked by the organiser to be the ‘action leader’ from the remaining players. The chosen leader then starts to carry out actions, eg clapping hands, shaking their head, walking on the spot, etc, which the other players then have to copy. Periodically the leader changes the action they are doing, which everybody then has to copy as soon as they see it happen. During this, the guesser is called back into the room, and stands in the middle of the circle. They then have three (or more if wished) attempts to guess who is leading the actions. If they fail the ‘leader’ wins and gets the chance to go out the room and become the guesser. If they guess right, they get to choose who next becomes the guesser.

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