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Bean Bag Melee

by Kit
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Layout of bean bag melee.
Fun, physical, energetic, tactical

One of those games which is now one of those I keep ‘up my sleeve’ for when I need something for older children (eg 7 years or older) and don’t have much space, but need them to run around to lose some energy. An advantage of this game is that not everybody is running around at the same time and it’s easy to adapt things to make it work. Space-wise it could easily be played in the centre of a large living room cleared of obstacles, but being able to have a reasonable space between the chairs/bases is very useful.


  • 5 bean bags or any other unbreakable objects (eg balls, crumpled up balls of newspaper, cushions, etc).
  • 3 bases, these can be chairs or waste bins, large open boxes, hula-hoops, etc, but all three need to be the same and big enough to take the 5 objects.

Set the bases equidistant from each other in a triangular formation and place the bean bags in a pile in the middle. Distances should be big enough to force players to need to run between base and the pile of bean bags.

Divide everybody into 3 teams (can play with just 3 players each a team of 1). Each team stands behind one of the bases facing inwards. For each round of the game, each team nominates a person to run. If you are using chairs or something large enough, those nominated to run can start seated on the chairs or on the cushion, or within the hulahoop, etc.

The objective of the game is for a player to get 3 bean bags onto their chair or whatever is being used as their base. Players can take bean bags from the pile in the centre OR from the bases of other players ūüôā Which is where all the fun is. Players must pick up bean bags one at a time and they may not throw them. Bean bags must be placed on the chairs or put into the boxes. Players and other team members can not defend their bases from being raided by other players running.

Have fun!!

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