Everybody, except one person, takes a chair and sits on it anywhere they like in the room. The remaining person is given a set of keys to hold. They then proceed to move around the room and with their free hand grab the hand of somebody sitting who has to get up and follow the leader who weaves in and out of the chairs in the room still holding their hand. The person who has been grabbed now has to grab someone else’s hand, who in turn grabs another persons’ hand, creating a chain of people weaving around the chairs.

This keeps going until the leader drops the keys on the floor then everyone standing runs and sits in a chair. The person left standing is the new leader.

Playing this to music where the leader drops the keys when the music stops adds a different element to the game as the leader themself does not know when the cue to rush to find a chair is going to happen. Facebooktwittermailby feather

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