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Wide Games and Night Wide Games

by Kit
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If there was ever a favourite game of mine when I was a youth (and possibly still the case :-), it was the Wide Games.

‘Wide Games’ include any game requiring or making use of any large area of land. Provided you stick to a few simple rules they are very easy to set up, very popular and can take advantage of any suitable area. Areas that are particularly good are where it is easy to hide such as woodland or heath, but they can be played in large open fields, it’s just not so much fun!

If you are familiar with organizing this style of game then feel free to carry onto the index of ideas. But if you are not then there are a few points you need to know.

All wide games need you and ALL players to be aware of the size and type of playing area. This is mainly from the point of view of safety particularly if you are playing in an area open to the general public, as the playing areas used can be anything from a small field to several Km2 or more of woodland or forest. It helps when setting boundaries to take advantage of natural ones like paths, streams, edges of woods or fields. If necessary walk everybody around the boundary and/or spend a little time placing boundary markers that are within sight of each other (this could be anything from strips of bright cloth tied to a tree, to custom-made posts and lights). Boundary markers are only really necessary if it is difficult to determine a boundary.

Depending on the age of the players, size and openness of the playing area it may be worthwhile having several marshals patrolling the area to make sure boundaries and rules are being adhered to and you may even want to consider using mobile phones or short range radios. Deliberately sneaking outside the boundary and skirting around is definitely cheating 🙂

Here’s a selection to be getting on with. No doubt I’ll be adding more as I come across them.

Have fun… stay safe!

Coastguards and Smugglers :
Fox & Hounds :
Leader Hunt :
Town Hunt :
Witch in the Woods :
Big Foot :
Elves, Wizards and Giants :
Fools Gold :
Human Pac Man :
Raiders :
Search and Rescue :
Where’s Wally?

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