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Human Pac Man (Wide Game)

by Kit
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With any wide game always bear in mind rules for keeping safe

Sent in by Anne Crotty

It is fun watching the reaction when a player is being escorted to jail and the roles change!

A combination of Crows and Cranes and Leader Hunt.

4-5 leaders hide around the wood/field/playing are each with a different colour marker. Players divide into two equal teams using coloured bands or similar to distinguish between them. Both teams have to find the leaders and collect as many marks from the leaders as possible, but at the start one team is also designated to hunt the other. If a player in the team being hunted is captured they have to be escorted back to a common jail (Players unescorted are allowed to escape but can not do so one once they have reached jail ) where they have to stay until teams switch roles as the leader running the game (eg the counsellor) can at any moment, change which team chases the other and uses a noise maker to signal teams to switch roles. Suggest switch roles fairly frequently, eg every 3-5 minutes, but at random times so players can’t guess when it will happen. If you have a large playing area and it takes time to reach the jail you may want to lengthen the amount of time between switching teams. After a set amount of time (20 or so minutes) the counsellor counts how many marks each team collected from the leaders- whoever has the most wins.

Tactical points:

  • Big children can help the littler ones in by acting as a blocker. Littler children can remove the bands of the bigger children by getting another big child on his team to sit on the attacker.
  • Leaders must sit in a central location
    • to ensure fair play (as far as is possible)
    • dispense new live bands to player who loose their life (players may return as many times as is necessary)

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