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Old Common Phrases Quiz

How well do you know some well-known phrases or at least they used to be well-known :-)? Fill in the blanks with your answer. Use the whole missing…

The Underground Quiz

Not an easy quiz. The Underground Quiz is based on London Underground stations. From the clues given see how many of the 35 station names you can work…

Mindbender: What happened to Myrtle?

There is a man who goes home one day, to see about answering his e-mail, when he sees Myrtle lying on the floor, dead. There is broken glass,…

Mindbender: Hillside deaths

Two men were found in a cabin in a hillside, dead. What happened? (Believe me, there is an answer to this riddle.) NEXT > by

Mindbender: A cold case

There is a man, who goes down into a room every day to check on his frozen meat, to make sure it doesn’t thaw. One day, however, he…

Mindbender: Murder mystery

I was going over to visit my friend, Alfred, when I found him dead at his desk. There was a tape recorder on his desk. I pressed ‘play’…

Mindbender: Colour change

What is black when you buy it, red when you use it, and grey when you throw it away? NEXT > by

Mindbender: The way the wind blows

An electric train is heading north at 60 mph. If the wind is blowing west at 30 mph, what direction is the smoke blowing? NEXT > by

Mindbender: Zero Divide

Divide 500 in half. How many times do you divide the dividend(?) before it reaches 0? NEXT > by

Mindbender: Halve to make zero

What number is actually possible to divide in half to create (key word!) zero? NEXT > by

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