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Raiders (Wide Game)

by Kit
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With any wide game always bear in mind rules for keeping safe


Life bands or other token (e.g. potato see Fools Gold)


Establish 3 bases some distance from each other and divide into 2 relatively equal teams the “Raiders” and the “Runners” (number of players in each team can vary if some players are particularly good). At one base leave a cache of life bands.

The Runners are given task of transferring the life-bands from one base to the other. They can only transfer the bands one per person at a time, but they can send Runners out without a life band as decoys. The second team, the Raiders, has the third base from which to operate from and have to intercept as many life bands as possible. Once a Raider has captured a band they must return and deliver it to their base before trying to get more. A runner when caught must give up their life bands if they have one. When they’ve lost it they return to collect another.

Game continues until all bands are no longer in play having been transferred or captured. Team with most bands at the end wins.

Raiders may not take bands directly from the Runners bases and it may be worth setting an exclusion zone around the base to prevent Raiders from simply standing at the base and tagging Runners as they pick up new life bands.

Variation ideas:

  • Runners caught who do not have a life band on them can be captured and sent to the Raiders base for the remainder of the game.
  • Runners held at the Raiders base could be released (Tag).
  • Runners held at the Raiders base could be ransomed (For some life bands).

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