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Fools Gold (Wide Game)

by Kit
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With any wide game always bear in mind rules for keeping safe

Sent in by ‘Big Al’


  • Lifebands # (one colour per team)
  • 15 potatoes per team (The Gold)


For 2 or more teams. This game is essentially best when played in sand dunes at the beach (softer landing areas).

Simply split into teams and establish a base for each team equal distances apart from other teams (if more than 2), by placing the 15 potatoes (the gold) in a pile. Set up a no go zone round each set of potatoes about 2-3 metres, this is now a safe zone that only any opposing team member that can get there can enter.
State that only a limited number of people (4-6) can hover round the base as defenders.

Tie a piece of wool to the wrist of each player. (Do not allow players to tie onto their upper arm and then put on a sweater).

Blow a whistle so that people know that combat can commence. Players must then infiltrate the other team bases to steal their gold (potatoes). Players may only take one potato. However once out of the opposing base they may pass it to another player or can take it back to their base themselves.

How to stop people: Before attacking anyone make sure you are wearing a life band. Only players with a band may remove other players bands. To remove their life simply take it off their arm …. However the other player does not have to let you do so. This then causes the fun bit i.e. rugby tackles, jumping people, royal rumbles. This may sound dangerous however if you ask for a little common sense this is not a problem.

Rules for safety:

  • No punching,
  • No scratching …. deliberate (ask players with rings, earrings etc to remove them)
  • No gouging..
  • No kicking or tripping using the legs (ankle taps using the hand are ok)
  • Do not play near cliffs..
  • Water is ok as long as you would be happy to swim in it!!

“I have played this game in a group with ages ranging from 10-30ish. As long as the little ones go for little ones and big lads go for big lads everyone has fun. If you add a rule that adults cannot collect potatoes… The advantage of the strength and power of the big lads is balanced by the speed and agility of the little lads…

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