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Find the Leader (Wide Game)

by Kit
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With any wide game always bear in mind rules for keeping safe

This one I know used to be played in and around Bakewell by the youth staying there on church houseparty holidays.

One definitely for older youth and not always as easy as it sounds! Players are divided up into teams (suggested minimum of three/four to a team) with the basic task of finding various leaders in a predetermined playing area, giving rise to many possible variations. Two versions are described here for ideas. A useful safety rule, to make sure teams stay together, is that before any signature can be collected the whole team must be present.

Town Hunt

Preparation: Leaders in advance arrange to hide themselves around a local town or village, either lounging around dressed in/conspicuously, or taking part in the daily life. In the past some enterprising leaders have been found down manholes helping(?) the repair men! or more usually helping behind a shop counter.

Once a leader is found the team has to collect his or her signature, before they can find another leader. Whole team must be present to get the signature and first team to collect all or the most signatures in an allotted time wins.

Variation 1:

Instead of just collecting signatures, teams also collect clues from each leader, the clues all adding up together to solve a treasure hunt or puzzle. prize can only be collected/found if all the leaders signatures are present.

Variation 2: Where’s Wally

Another version of Town Hunt, but leaders dress up like Wally (striped top, scarf, hat, etc) from the “Where’s Wally” books and hide around town again teams have to collect their signatures when they find them.

Leader Hunt

Use a limited area of fields and/or woodland. Leaders can move freely around if they wish (advised!). Signatures are collected from each leader, but the objective is to collect as many signatures as possible in a time limit, so the same leader can be found several times. However before another signature is given by any leader, each team must return to base to get their form counter signed by somebody at base.

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