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Search and Rescue (Wide Game)

With any wide game always bear in mind rules for keeping safe


  • A number of differently coloured straws (one colour for each team) + some ‘bonus’ straws coloured black and/or some that have been covered in luminous paint.
  • Open playing field, or similar area with short grass.
  • Optional: Luminous marker posts
  • Spare torches for any members of the group that doesn’t have one.
  • Hot drinks for afterwards!

Mark out the playing area with luminous marker posts, and widely scatter the coloured straws before teams arrive.

Make sure everybody has torches. Group is organised into teams who are told an aircraft carrying important isotopes has had to ditch its cargo in mid air. This has been traced to falling within the area of the playing area (describe the boundaries). Teams are told that they are each responsible for finding a particular isotope as well as the rare black one which gives each team bonus points (have examples). Teams may ONLY pick up their own isotopes.

Give the group an hour or so (depending on weather, etc) and then round everybody up for results and hot drinks before finishing.

This is an ideal surprise NWG for younger groups.

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