Slap Jack (Card Game)

Sent in by Mellisa Bear

Requires: Standard 52 deck of playing cards

For 2 (or more) players, but best with 2.

Shuffle and deal out all the cards in a pack between the players, face down. Keeping their cards face down in front of them on the table players take it in turn to turn over their top card and then place it in the middle on to a discard pile. Whenever a Jack is turned up the first player to slap it wins.

[The way the game was described players have to slap the Jack card, but it may be more even if players only have to slap the discard pile on seeing the Jack, otherwise the player holding it may have the advantage.]

– Can play this to include all royal cards
– Winner of the jack can either get points or win the cards underneath.

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  1. James

    How does Slapjack Work?

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