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Age – Teenagers


Variation of Bulldogs. Set up as in Bulldogs with all players standing at one end of the playing.

Sprout Tag

Sent in by Estaban The game starts with everyone being able to tag everyone. Tagging is by touching.


Slightly adapated from a suggstion by Eyore87Doobers Equipment: empty metal food can This game is best played at.

Chain Reaction

Fun game that's also educational as a useful model of a chain reaction. Pick a large area for.


Sent in by Andrew Watkins Works like stuck-in-the-mud but backwards. In 'stuck-in-the-mud' players have to stand still once.

All in Tag

AKA: 'Manhunt' (Cited by Andrew Armitage) Starts of with only one chaser, but the chaser always remains and.


AKA: 'It', 'Tick', 'Catch', Come-on you must have played this at sometime... If there's a culture where the.

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