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Scissors, Paper, Stone

by Kit
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(See Elves Wizards Giants or Team Scissors Paper Stone for team versions of this game. For a more active team version you might like Chair Challenge)

A very simple game for two people. Each player tries to outwit the other by coming up with the winning symbol using a hand to indicate what they have chosen out of scissors, paper or stone so that:-

Stone blunts scissors: stone wins
Scissors cut paper: scissors win
Paper wraps stone: paper wins
If both the same: neither win/draw

Scissors: Represented by a hand, held in a loose fist with two fingers extended to make a ‘V’ pointing away from player (NB holding two fingers in a V shape up can be regarded as a sign of ‘victory’ if knuckles are towards the person doing it or a culturally rude sign if the knuckles are facing away towards the other person)
Paper: Represented by a hand, held out flat.
Stone: Represented by a hand, held as a balled fist

The game is played so that players hold their hands behind their backs and on a mutual count of three reveal their hands to show what symbol they had chosen. Alternatively instead of hiding their hands behind their backs, bang fists together or shake their fist to the count of 1… 2 … 3… and presenting their chosen symbol. It’s important players show their chosen symbol together. Points goes to the player who wins each round.

It is also sometimes seen played with a third category…. “Dynamite” shown as a balled fist with the thumb sticking out. Dynamite wins against all the others except scissors because this cuts the fuse.

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