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Team Scissors-Paper-Stone

by Kit
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An active variation on the Scissors-Paper-Stone game that allows for a much larger group to play and since the whole group is jumping around trying to get their feet coordinated, it takes longer to get dull. Game is played as Scissors-Paper-Stone but played with using your legs instead of your hands.

Scissors – person stands up with feet crossed
Paper – person stands with feet wide apart
Stone – person stands with feet together

To the chant of “Scissors, paper, stone.” all players have to follow the chant with the corresponding action and then immediately after jumping feet together for stone have to jump into the symbol of chosen item. As with Elves, Wizards and Giants you can also play this as a team game with each team going off for a short while to choose which item they are going to be, before coming back and jumping as a team.

Source: Credited to Pastor John Sim, Children’s Pastor. Sent in by Joseph, Kingdom Kids, Childrens’ Church Chapel of the Resurrection, Singapore

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