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Chair Challenge

AKA: Stepping Stones

Sent in by Joseph, Kingdom Kids, Childrens’ Church Chapel of the Resurrection, Singapore

“Here is a game that we have played at Children Service and it works amazingly well with adults too!!”

Equipment : 5 chairs (preferable with backs to prevent people from falling off), or 5 non-movable marked sitting spaces.

Preparation: Line the chairs in a straight line side to side.
Form 2 teams and line them up on either side of the chairs. Teams do not need to be of equal numbers.

Objective : To get to the opposite of the line of chairs.

Moving : A player can only move forward by sitting down on each chair along the way.

Challenge : A challenge is resolved by the age old method of Scissors-Paper-Stone.

At the signal of the game master, the first person in the line of each team moves as many chairs towards the opposite end of the chairs as possible. When the 2 of them meet at any point, a challenge is created ( see above for resolution of challenge). The loser of the challenge must immediately get up, step away from the chair ( so as to not obstruct the challenge winner ) and go to the back of his/her team line. The next person in line of the challenge losing team now moves forward on the chairs. For the winner, he/she will immediately move as many chairs forward as possible before being challenged again. At any point in time, only one member from each team can be on the chairs. Each player that successfully makes it to the opposite end of the chairs earns a point for their team. The game can be played within a set time or for a predetermined number of points. The game master then signals the start of the next round.

Be aware:
  • Chairs tend to be displaced and have to be repositioned
  • Challenge losers try to stall for time to delay the progress of the challenge winner
  • Player trying to ‘fly’ over the chairs instead of sitting on the each chair.
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