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What did I eat?

by Kit
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You will need:

  • A variety of edible items
  • blindfold/s for those doing the tasting

A useful game/activity where players concentrate on their sense of taste and smell.

Players are blindfolded in advance so they have no idea what they are about to eat. Once blindfolded each player, in turn, is given a sample of one of the foods to try. When playing as a group it’s better that players do not shout out or say what it is they think the food item was, but to write it down later. Alternatively, as a group later discuss what they think each food item is.

It’s recommended that you play with nice or plain things to eat. It’s a very unpleasant experience for players to not be able to see what they are going to eat AND a mouthful of mustard or chilli, etc. That only works if they agree in advance and half-expect it in a sort of Russian Roulette version.

This is a very useful game to help with concentrating on smell, texture and taste of food and showing how much we use our sense of sight to tell us something about any food before we eat it.

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