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Playdough Pictionary

by Kit
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You will need:
– A soft malleable substance which retains it moulded shape like playdough, salt-dough, plasticine
– A list of items, nouns or adjectives. Either have these as one each on a separate card you can put into a pile or a list to be read out by somebody who does not take part in the game.

Can be played as a group or in teams. If playing as a group a player goes to the pile of cards, takes the top one and reads what the suggestion is. Or if playing with somebody looking after a list gets a word suggestion from them. In either case, they keep the ‘word’ to themselves and don’t tell the other players.

The player then has to go back to their team and using the playdough attempt to create what the word was is so that their team can guess it. This can be within a time limit if you want. The player doing the crafting may only answer ‘yes’ or ‘No’ to questions. The player who guesses correctly collects the next word and attempts to craft it.

If playing as teams, have one from each team collect a card or word suggestion. The first team to finish a set number of words wins.

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