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Decorative. Two oblong shape representing stones against blue background.

You’ll find lots of games with the same name, but rather different from each other. This Stepping Stones game, promoted on social media by Kev Weir (#just.playsports), is for any number of individuals to play and great as a Physical Education (PE) activity or game/challenge to play at any other time. It’s not the same as the team Stepping Stones game.

Each player will need two flat disks that will be their stones. The suggestion is to use circular disks about 20cm diameter or larger. They should each be no smaller than the size of a players foot (as they’ll need to stand on them).

Game play

Draw or demark in some way using pre-drawn lines or rope, etc. two lines to define the start point and end point. Explain this is a river which each individual has to cross without getting their feet wet. Give each individual two disks and explain these are stepping stones, which they can place down, stand on, pick up and replace to get across without getting their feet wet.

If they ‘fall in’ or accidentally touch the water, they have to start again.

I wonder how many children will decide to group together and get across by pooling their resources or how many leaders will allow them to show that initiative. Although from a PE point of view the objective is more for the activity to help individuals to develop skills in balance and flexibility, so you might want to stress this needs to be done as individuals.

Note about materials

It might be possible to play with disks made of paper, but you may find paper will not withstand the level of rough handling. Particularly outside if it’s recently been raining. You may find disks cut from cardboard or more durable materials may be better.

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