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The falling stick (O bastão que cai)

by Kit
Two stick man figures running to stop a pole or stick falling to the ground.

A game of elimination, promoted on social media by Marcos Renato Araujo (@edf.prof.marcos).

You will need a strong wooden stick or dowel of identical size for each player (eg 90-100cm in length by 2-4cm in diameter). Top and bottom of each stick should be flat and cut perpendicular to the length.

Players stand in a circle facing each other, spaced evenly apart about double arms length from each other, holding their sticks so they are balanced upright on the ground. When told to change, players leave their stick and run to the next stick that is clockwise to their position. Players have to catch that stick before it falls over and hits the ground. Players that do not catch the stick before it falls to the ground are eliminated. The remaining players rearrange themselves, reducing the size of the circle if necessary, and repeat until only a few players are left.

You ‘could’ consider using cricket stumps. However, some players may find it them too short and being pointed at one end and rounded at the other, means they are much more liable to topple over on being released and give players almost no chance of reaching them in time.

If you have any bright ideas of a sport material or other readily available product that could be used as the poles, please share and let us know.

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