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Blindfold Water Race

by Kit
Bucket with ice cubes in it. Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash.

Seems to be trending at the moment as I keep seeing videos of groups performing this. Can be played as a small group challenge or team race. The description given for the small group challenge, just have two or more groups of the same size if you want to do this as a race between teams – The pressure on individuals to finish quickly means participants could end up a lot wetter.

If you know this by another name, post it in the comments.


Buckets or bowls ideally similar-sized (by volume) for each player. But lots seem to play with whatever they can find handy ūüôā Chairs for each to sit on and blindfolds for each player.


Expect to get wet! Don’t think it’s really possible to play this without everybody getting somewhat wet. Likewise play this outdoors unless you happen to have an indoor space able to cope with lots of water everywhere.

Get everybody to take a chair and sit on it in a line one behind the other relatively close to each other… Once seated give each of them a bucket or bowl and ask them to put their blindfolds on. Make sure they cannot see. Fill the bucket of the first person in the team with water (and ice if you want to be even more evil :-)).

Aim of the challenge is to transfer as much of the water from the first container to the person holding the last container. This is done by the first person, while remaining seated and facing forward, lifting their container full of water over their head and doing their best to pour the contents into the container on the lap of the person behind them. That person then repeats this, until the last person in the line is reached. The success of the challenge is measured by how much water reached the last person and not spilt on the other players.

If competing as teams, give points to the first to finish and the most water transferred ūüôā

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