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Stepping Stones

by Kit
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Diagram of setup and team positions for the Stepping Stones game.

Aka: Chair Challenge

A number of chairs, hoops, drawn circles, etc next to each other to represent a line of stepping stones (doesn’t have to be in line). Have at least 5 stepping stones. If using chairs choose something playres are unlikely to fall off.

Divide into two teams which do not have to be equal as one player from each team plays each time. The idea is for each team to get to the opposite side of the line of stepping stones as many times as possible.

When told to start, the first person in the line of each team moves as many stones towards the opposite end as possible. If using chairs players have to sit down fully on each chair before being able to get up and move to the next chair. Decide what movement to do at each stone (eg for circles and hoops you have to sit cross-legged before being able to get up and move to the next stone).

When the 2 of them meet at any point, a ‘challenge’ is created. The loser of the challenge must immediately get up, step away from the stone so as to not obstruct the challenge winner and go to the back of their team line. The next person inline on their team now moves forward on the stones as fast as possible to block the winner and challenges again as soon as they meet up. For the winner, they immediately move as many stones forward as possible before being challenged again.

Challenges – you can choose what to do, but a very simple and quick a way to resolve challenges is a single round of scissor/paper/stone.

At any point in time, only one member from each team can be on the stones. Each player that successfully makes it to the opposite end of the stones earns a point for their team. The game can be played within a set time or for a predetermined number of points.

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