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Snake Game (human version)

by Kit
Diagramatic representation of movement for the Snake Game.

This one noted being promoted by MetDaan Fitness on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/FitnessbyMetDaan) so we don’t know the origins of this game. This is an easy one to set up and good for larger groups. Would work with virtually any group size, although larger groups are likely to have more fun :-). It’s also a good one to keep tucked up your sleeve as it’s suitable for indoor and outdoor and could be played in teams. Just have two even-sized groups doing the same thing.

Everybody in the group stands in a circle with space between them. You could consider that when getting everybody standing in the circle, they do so by joining hands and then spreading out so their arms are outstretched to the sides. This snake needs room to move! It also might help that everybody then turns to face the direction the snake will be travelling in.

The action starts with one person walking in the chosen direction around the circle, but in such a way their path threads in a weaving pattern inside and outside the circle alternately past individuals. However, once they have walked past the first person they, instead of walking in front of the next individual they ‘collect’ them. This second person now becomes the head of the snake while the original player holds onto their shoulders and becomes the start of the tail. This new pair continue with the weaving progression by walking past the next player continuing the weaving pattern, but then collecting the next player who now becomes the head. Holding onto this person’s shoulders the other two continue as the tail. This continues so the snake very rapidly gets longer, similar to the electronic version of the Blockade or Snake game (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snake_(video_game_genre)), with the whole line weaving between players following the head of the snake.

Once all players have been collected the head catches up with the tip of the tail. If wanted, at this point, all can then turn and lay down in a radiating circle feet inwards.

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