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Screen shot from the animation 'Like and Follow'. Large humanised mobile phone followed by a young person on a lead as though a pet on a lead.

An award-winning short animation called “Like and Follow” that we came across and felt might strike a chord with many. We don’t deny there is value in quite a few online interactions, but it’s all too easy to be caught up and end up too involved with the online world. This cartoon emphasises some of the ways online interaction is engineered to do this and how easy it is to miss opportunities around you.

Don’t worry, no plans to post lots of videos. This site’s aim has always been to be a repository of games and activities that engage human interaction (with the occasional game and activity that can be carried out individually), but we just felt this one struck a chord and worth sharing.

We should point out we are not against the use of technology, far from it. There is a lot of value to be found in today’s interconnected world. However, we appreciate that our brains are wired for instant gratification and for many of us the need for news and being social. This opens up whole rafts of conversations around the use of media, technology, the internet and individual differences.

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