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Find the Ring

AKA 'Ring-on-the-String' You need:- A ring- A long piece of string (long enough for all players to be.

Wink Murder

AKA King Killer You will need:- One piece of card for each player- One card marked with an.

Pirates Pistols

You will need:- Water pistol/s- Blindfold- A treasure to be guarded A simple but fun variant of 'Thief',.


AKA "The Key Game""Pirates""Pirates Treasure" A popular group game that accommodates various numbers of players from 3 to.

Squirt Game

Everyone sits in a circle. One person is the "squirter" for the 1st round and given a spray.

Silly Scrumple

Sent in by Nicole O. One person is selected as the leader (who remains out of the game).

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