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My Wacky Wizards Experience

by Ben
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Updated 20 July, 2021

Games are fun. Wacky Wizards is a game on Robloxs. I find it fun and I am not the only one. 41.9 million have played it and over 300,000 have favourited it. It is not an action game and it has a lot of interesting things you can do in it.

The objective of the game is to craft potions, find more ingredients and then craft better and more complex potions. There is no competition with other players, and a server can hold up to 24 players at any one time. It’s fun to see the effect potions you create have on your own character and other players. Like exploding poo! There are some potions you can forcibly affect another player by throwing. Also, a cannon which affects the whole server if you spend 200 Robucks.

When you first start the game you spawn in next to a cauldron, spellbook and table with the ingredients listed below

  • Brain
  • Giraffe hoof
  • Pool noodle
  • Fairy
  • Giants Ear
  • Rotten Sandwich

(I didn’t choose the names of these….!)

Here are the list of ingredients you can find lying around the map as you play the game.

  • Dynamite
  • Beans
  • Bird
  • Chilli
  • Spider
  • Fish
  • Chameleon

Here is a list of ingredients that you have to put more work into getting them.

  • Cyclops eye (Boss update)
  • Witches brew (Witch quest update)
  • Boxing glove (Witches vs Wizards update)

Premium ingredients (ingredients paid for with robucks and/or gems following the Witches vs Wizards update).

  • Zeus beard
  • Steering wheel
  • Clockwork hat
  • Frozen egg
  • Magic seed
  • Hat of gears

Here an image of a full table

This is a full table (not including premium ingredients)

To be able to use ingredients you have to find them on the map. Pick them up by either tapping or clicking on them. Then you can press teleport to the cauldron. Then click or tap your ingredients table and you will have the ingredients you have permanently.

Now let’s have some fun!

This is one of the potions I made

The image above was caused by putting 17 giants ears, a pool noodle and a giraffe hoof and myself (to put yourself in the ingredients you have to put 3 fairies into the cauldron then spawn the potion. Pick it up, then press the drain button on the spellbook, then jump on the cauldron and drink the potion that you made and then you can put in the other stuff mentioned before to create this effect).

What happened?

If you look closely at the image you’ll see that my character is glitching out. This is caused by being launched at extremely high speeds causing my coordinates to increase in number extremely rapidly and therefore this visual glitch is created (I’m not even certain which direction I went!!).

I’m a ghost!

For this one, I put in 12 brains and 12 chameleons to create this effect. If you stack this effect enough you can become completely invisible to yourself and other players.

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