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Acid River Drops

by Kit
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Sent in by Kelly Stringer, 1st Paulton Guides, Somerset, UK

“I played this game at Oakhill Methodist Youth Club when I was younger, and have refined it to a very fun game”

Divide into 2 teams, preferably with around 5 or so in each team, plan to have 5 or so in each team rather than greater numbers in each team.

1 person in each team is picked to be a transporter and given an “Acid Proof Suit” (a suitable coverall), but in the absense of something like this, feel free to be quite creative… eg an acid repelling rope belt, bandana,

Players are told that there is an acid river running down the middle of the place where you are playing (this can be marked out by rope, chalk, etc, but make it quite wide). Each team must get all of their team members to the other side of the river, but there is only one acid proof suit per team, and only 1 person in that team can wear it. 

Now it’s quite easy to pick someone up and wade across the river, but unfortunately the suits are weak, so that once somebody is carried in one position, the suit will no longer protect the next person if they are carried in this fashion. This means that the transporter has to transport the members of your team across the river one at a time, each in a different position to the last. If anyone in the team is dropped on transit, they melt in the river and are out. The winning team is the first team to get all it’s members to the other side, or if it’s a tie, the quickest to the other side.

I have seen many amusing crossing, including sat on the shoulders, front piggy backs, back piggy backs, ankle grasping, fire mans lift, pony back rides. To be really mean let them choose their teams and then the transporter before telling them the rules of the game, advising them that they can not now change transporters. You will notice that on the second time of playing they pick someone with the stamina to carry them all, and will arrange in advance what position they are carrying their team members!”

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