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Mindbender: Murder mystery

by Kit

I was going over to visit my friend, Alfred, when I found him dead at his desk. There was a tape recorder on his desk. I pressed ‘play’ on the device, and found he was saying,”…A man just telephoned he was going to come over in 1 minute to kill me. I have no alternative, but to submit…” Suddenly, on the tape, there is a shot and a thud. However, I knew that the person who made the recording was not Alfred, but the killer! How did I know? (Use logic, please.)


The solutions suggested so far...

"The answer is that the tape player stopped after the thud, hence someone must have switched it off, and a dead man could not do this."

Suggested by Rick Geatrell

[Ed: but the statement does not say the tape had stopped after the 'thud' this is only a presumption... what would be the answer if the tape had been voice activated with auto stop or had just kept on running?]

"I have reviewed my answer, and would now say that there is another answer. When he started the tape player, he heard his friend immediately, which means the tape player must have been rewound to the beginning, which must have been done by the murderer."

... or it could just be that being his friend you recognise it as not being his voice. btw: Why is Alfred talking to a tape recorder. Why was he not phoning the police?

The person knew it was not alfred because HE was the killer. He called outside the office... threatened to kill him on the phone walked in and shot him. Then played the message after.

Suggested by William Volterman

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