Home Activity Fairy rafts

An eco-friendly activity for children (and adults). Something for outdoors when you are near any water or an inside activity after a day of foraging or perhaps just have lots of sticks and things around the house 🙂

Essentially the idea is to forage for sticks, leaves, grass and anything natural to build a small raft suitable for a fairy that will float. Use grass or other natural fibres for any binding. A nice project to build up and share technical knowledge as well as giving rein to artistic and aesthetic talent.

Were you looking for instructions? A fun bit about this to explore building techniques. What looks nice, what works. Lots of physics and mechanics wrapped into this activity.

  • Why does it float?. (or even Why did it sink!)
  • Is it the wind or the water making it move?
  • Is the water moving faster, slower or the same in the middle of the stream to the water at the sides (fluid dynamics)
  • What other questions can they think of? and if you don’t know the answer it’s a good opportunity for something to research together later.

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