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Depiction of a number of hoops on the ground set apart each with a single cone in the middle of it.

Game posted on social media by Kev Weir (https://www.instagram.com/just.playsports/)

I guess one of the advantages of heuristics is that social media once it knows you are interested in something, starts to present you with a lot more similar content. So it is with this simple active game.

Equipment: A number of large hoops (of hula-hoop size) and a cone or largish bean-bags or cricket stumps that can stand upright within each one.


Play this outdoors or a large hall with good space for running around. Distribute the hoops randomly around the playing space, but with plenty of room to be able to run in between each of them. Put a cone (or whatever you are using) in the middle of each of the hoops. The advantage of tall items is the ease of grabbing them, so a bean bag on a chair or stool might work better if you don’t have cones handy or ability to push cricket stumps into the ground. The cones/bean-bags/stumps become the crown jewels that need defending from marauding thieves.

Designate for each hoop one player to defend the crown jewels. Everybody else becomes a thief! Those defending the crown jewels may not go inside the hoops, but can freely move around outside the hoop. Thieves can freely move around and enter the hoops as they have the job of taking the crown-jewels.

If a thief is touched/tagged by a defender while being close or trying to steal the contents of that hoop, they have to give up on that hoop and try another. If a thief is successful they switch places with the defender. Ie the defender becomes a thief and the thief is now the defender of that hoop.

Continue for as long as desired.

A similar team dodgeball version of this, that uses a single circle is Protect the President.

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