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Silhouette of two children running hand in hand from one cone to another

[Co-op Race / Corrida Cooperativa]

Suggested on social media by Marcos Renato Araujo (@edf.prof.marcos)

Simple relay race. Divide into equal-sized teams. Place a cone or something similar at the start and end of the course each team has to run. Don’t make it too far between cones – players are likely to find themselves running several laps. In the version demonstrated by Marcos a third cone is placed near the teams along the line between the cones that teams have to run. Players run between the two cones closest to the team and around the cone furthest away.

The race is simple. First player in the team runs to the furthest cone, goes around it and runs back again, running around the cone, but this time they collect the next player in the team. Holding hands they run to the top of the course and back again. This time collecting the third member of the team. This continues adding a new member of the team and running holding hands until the final member of the team is added, when they run a single last circuit as a whole team holding hands.

First team to complete the course as a whole team holding hands wins.

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