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This can only really be played in an area that provides lots of cover for players to hide. 

Players choose a suitable base as home. This can be something as simple as a rock or tree or an actual structure. One person to act as the ‘Blocker’ who takes on the job of trying to stop the other players from reaching home. The game starts as in “Hide and Seek”, with the Blocker closing his/her eyes and counting to 10 to give the others a chance to hide. Players then have to try and get back to their home base without being caught or blocked.

The blocker is free to stay at the home base or move away. If they see a player they can block them by touching the base and shouting “1-2-3, I see <name of player seen>” before the player they’ve seen or any other player reaches the base. The blocker can also attempt to touch tag players before they reach base. Players once caught out by being blocked return home to await the end of the game or for a player who has not yet been blocked to reach the base without being blocked which releases them.

Variation: ‘Pig Pen Wants a Motion’

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