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Pig Pen Wants a Motion

by Kit
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Sent in by Todd Moser, Fort Wayne, IN

“I really don’t know where the title comes from.” – Todd

[This game is similar to ‘Block‘]

A single person is the jailer or ‘It’ and have a designated area as the prison, where players who have been tagged have to stand. As in the game Block the objective is for the person who is ‘It’ to find and catch everybody. Initially players go and hide while the jailer closes their eyes and counts to a specified number. When the jailer has stopped counting they go looking for the other players to tag and catch them. When players have been tagged and put in prison they call out, “Pig-pen wants a motion!”.

On this call for help, other players who are still in hiding are free if they want to temporarily break cover and wave to the player who is caught. If the person who is caught sees them they can try to run away and hide again. Provided of course that they are not tagged by the jailer as they try to escape.

If another player who is free and in hiding waves at them and the player in prison sees them waving, they can try to run away and hide again.  But if the player waving is seen by the jailer they are caught and must come to the “prison”.

Play until either everyone is caught, the jailer gives up or the game goes on for too long.

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