Train Wreck

by Kit
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Sent in by Elise Hammond

“Here is a game that we play a lot. It’s great for inside areas such as a gym”

Elise Hammond

You will need:
1 chair for each person (less one)

This looks like a game that combines ‘Musical Chairs‘ with ‘Boatman, Boatman’

Set up one less chair than there are players, so somebody is left standing. Chairs can be set up in a circle or other sequence, but players will be moving between them. Everybody except for the person who has to stand, sits down in one of the chairs.

The leader/adult then calls out a category like “If you’re wearing green, go!” All those who fit that description run and the person who is standing up also runs until the leader shouts “Stop!”. Everybody running has to find a seat and sit down on this command. The player who is left standing at this turn is out of the game.

The leader calls another category and while everybody is moving removes one or two chairs from the game. When the leader calls stop all those left standing are out of the game. The game continues until you have 3 or so people left who can get a prize if you wish.

If the leader calls “Train Wreck” at anytime everybody has to move!


  • You have to move if your category is called
  • You can not move between 2 seats over and over
  • You can not switch with someone over and over
  • You have to move out of one particular area.

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