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Take Your Pick

by Kit
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You will need:

  • 2 or 3 lengths of string or rope,
  • 4 or more wet cloths
  • any sort of low (1m?) screen which the leader can duck down and hide behind and not be seen.

Put the screen up at one end of the room. The leader is armed with the wet cloths and the lengths of string are hung over the edge of the screen. Another leader selects individuals/volunteers to creep up one at a time and pull one of the strings. If they pull one that the hidden leader has chosen to hold the end of that round, the leader gives a roar and tries to hit the person with the wet cloths before they get back to `home’. If the player gets hit they drop out of the game. If the string pulled is not the one being held then they are safe and return back to the group for another chance to try later.

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