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by Kit
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silhouette of children running
aka: Scarecrow Tig 

One or more players are chosen as catchers depending on the number playing. There is no ‘home’ or safe base. Choose when you play whether

  • Players when caught either stand with their legs apart (the most common form) or
  • Arms held out.

Players can only be set free again if another player who has not yet been caught crawls between their legs (or ducks under the arms held out) respectively. The game or round stops when everybody has been caught and is stuck.


Dr Who and the Daleks

A version of Stuck-in-the-Mud. One or two players are selected as Daleks (the catchers) and one or two are Dr Who’s (and assistant). As with Stuck-in-the-Mud those tagged/caught by Daleks have to freeze, but players can only be released by the players who are Dr Who or his assistant.

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