Sprout Tag

by Kit
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Sent in by Estaban

The game starts with everyone being able to tag everyone. Tagging is by touching the other person with your hand but you cannot tag by touching the other person’s hand. Once tagged a person becomes the toucher’s captive and sits down where they are. Captives can not tag and remain out of the game until they have been freed. Captives are freed when the person who touched them is themselves tagged and made captive, or can be freed by their toucher if they choose to (see about bodyguarding, teaming up later).

Anybody caught cheating looses all their captives. 

It is allowed to form alliances in the game and work together and you can also have body guarding, where one or more players become body guards to another player, by defending them until the body guard is tagged. The player being guarded cannot  tag his/her body guards, but can take players made captive by body guards. The player being guarded can also stop their body guards being body guards.

You can also put a bounty on players (e.g. offering to bodyguard,  tag someone else etc).

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