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British Bulldogs

by Kit
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Use a large pitch or hall for this game, to allow players plenty of room for manoeuvrability. Home ground is both ends of the pitch/playing area. At the start, all players stand at one end with one or two chosen as Bulldogs (the catchers) who stand in the middle.

On the call “British Bulldogs 1, 2, 3” by the catchers, all players have to get the home ground on the other side without being caught. This can either be by ‘tagging’ (simple touch) or in a more boisterous version catchers have to catch and hold onto players for the count of three in order for players to be caught. Anybody who is tagged becomes a Bulldog as well.

The first two caught or last two caught in each game become the Bulldogs for the next one.


Sent in by Michaela Russell

Play in a small area. The Bulldog/s has to touch players below the knee.

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