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by Kit
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With any wide game always bear in mind rules for keeping safe

There’s something about doing games and activities at night in the dark that makes it just that all the more exciting for children and youth. However if you are organising or taking part in any outdoor night activities, there are a number of Safety Guidelines you should be aware of, many of which are just as applicable to events organised during the day.

NWG’s are best played as organised group events and preparation is everything to it being a success. Virtually all wide games (except Town Hunt…) lend themselves to being played at night, but for various reasons its better to use games where the rules are relatively simple!

Scout out the area you are considering using during the day. Use natural boundaries where possible that can be easily found at night, but also consider buying or making luminous marker posts (eg a small LED lights and attached to short waist high post or use luminescent marker paint, or a number of chemical glo-sticks).
Because it’s dark open fields can be used just as well as woodland for hiding.

As well as it being a known planned event for groups, if the group is staying away on holiday an added buzz can come through the actual event being kept secret from them. About half an hour after bed or ‘lights out’ get everybody up… just remember to make sure they put something on to keep warm and to take torches with them… and have hot drinks ready for later.

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