Run the Gauntlet

Adaptation by Kit Logan

Alternative to the game Australia by Kit Logan, using a different course layout that allows greater potential for inter team interaction such as tagging while players are running.


  • 2 items to act as a relay batons e.g. chalk board dusters
  • 4 cones or chairs to mark the points to run around for each team.

Use the cones or chairs to mark out the starting points for each team and a point several metres away for runners to reach and go around. Cones or chairs marking the course should be far enough apart at each end to allow two players to pass between them easily. Teams need to be fairly close together and running parallel to each other as in the diagram below.

diagram of play for run the gauntletAs in a standard relay race players take turn in running around the course, passing the baton onto the next player.  All players run up the inside and around the other cone. All players run twice. As in the game Australia points are given or lost for:

+1 point = Tagging the other player running

– 2 points = not running around the outside of the cone.

– 2 points = pushing or shoving the other player.

+ 3 points = Winning the relay

Other rules:

The first runners can not tag each other. (This allows a slight gap to be created between running players before trying to tag each other)

A tag can be done only once on each circuit. You decide whether a player can tag only on the outward direction or can also tag on the return…

Although the diagram shows the straightest route being run there is nothing to say this has to be the case 🙂 First team to finish the relay wins the extra points, but players must go round the cones no matter what route they took to get there!

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