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Ball Run (Game)

Sent in by Robert and Heather Eadie

[Please see ‘Ball Runs‘ for the construction activity of the same name]

Needs: A large number small balls or similar items (even wrapped sweets) to collect (if you have small inflatable paddling pool handy this is ideal).

Based on the Lap Game, and a good one for exhausting children and can be used as an ice breaker.

Put the ball pool at one of a hall or garden and get all the players line up at the other end of the garden/hall. Leader or caller then calls out facts that could apply to the players, such as “If you are wearing something red” or “If you have a birthday in May.”, etc… [tip: Questions can be more fun if you include questions that are more stupid or personal such as “If you cleaned your teeth this morning” (Ed)].

If the question called out applies to any players in that round they have to run up and collect a ball (or what ever object they have to collect). First to reach a specified number (eg 10) wins or whoever collects the most by the time players are fed up with the game. Facebooktwittermailby feather

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