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by Kit
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Sent in by bkrcrest

“The point of this game is to rescue the whole team before the time runs out! It is really fun with a large number of kids.”

Split the group up into two teams and have one person from each team stand at the other end of the room. At “GO!” the person at the other end runs down to get the first person in line and runs back. When they get to the other side of the room the person who was just “rescued” runs back to get the next person, and when he/she gets back the person that they rescued goes to get another person. This continues until all the players are rescued.

You can either do this as a race to who completes it first, or set a timer and see how many are rescued before the time runs out.

Variation: Instead of having one person running to get another person, you could have everybody who had already been rescued running with them to get the next player.

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