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Romeo and Juliet

by Kit
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Sent in by Julie Kemp-Harper, Oxford Vineyard Church

You’ll need:
Blindfolds, a belt or rope,

Good for a large number of players, around 15-25. Best with youth (especially if you want to have fun with some potential romances).

Everybody sits in a large circle cross-legged on the floor. Ideally leaving no gaps but a large space in the middle. The leader picks two players (traditionally this is played as one boy and one girl… but you decide what suits your needs). Use the belt to tie one of the players ankles together so they can only jump. The other player is blindfolded.

Players are told they are ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Juliet (the one with the blindfold) has to catch Romeo and Romeo has to avoid being caught for a long as possible by jumping and dodging around the circle. When Juliet calls out “Romeo, Romeo” the other player must respond “Juliet, Juliet”.

Suggest allowing for 2 minutes for each couple picked. You may find the fun wears off after 4-5 couples have had a go.

[A similar educational game is Bat and Moth. or Bat, Moth, Tree if you like the idea of avoiding obstacles as well]

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