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Nuke ’em (aka Fourt Court Rally)

by Kit
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  • Volley or medium sized ball.
  • Divide the playing area into 4 quarters (lines quartering from the middle). Use rope or chalk to mark the lines.

This was a VERY popular game at youth club that was always asked for. Divide into 4 teams, these don’t necessarily have to be of equal numbers but it helps to keep them evenly balanced in talent. Each team takes a quarter of the pitch to defend with the object of the game being to keep the ball out of their area. As soon as the game starts the leader silently starts counting down from a number they have randomly chosen between 5 to 20. Shout ‘stop’ or blow a whistle at the end of the count down.

Each team starts with 5 or more lives. Teams loose lives if :

  • A team has the ball in their possession or in their area when the leader calls stop.
  • A player kicks the ball
  • A player puts a hand or a leg over the lines separating the quarters into another teams area.

Once a team is out they leave the playing area.

The name ‘nuke ’em’ comes from when one team can request help from the other teams still in play to concentrate getting the ball into a specific teams area, particularly if that team happens to be dominating the game.

(Hint: If you are playing outside where is it difficult to stop the ball from going outside the playing areas or in a hall where chairs and other things might in the way, give allowance for teams to retrieve the ball. I found stopping the count and commencing again as soon as the ball is back in play worked. If this happened when close to zero, adding five or more seconds to where the count was at helped.)

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