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Broom Ball

by Kit
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Sent in by George Galli
  • 2 brooms
  • Small ball (hard or soft depending on pitch size)
  • 2 goals

If you have a large space such as a playing field, use a rubber ball, but if you are limited to space use a softer ball (such as foam one) which won’t travel so far when its been hit. Divide players evenly into two teams giving each player a number so that players all have an opponent with the same number as them on the opposing team and place the each team at opposite ends of the playing field. Put the brooms and ball in the middle of the field.

When the referee calls out the number of one of the players in each team, those players quickly run and grab one of the brooms and begin to try and knock the ball over the line of the opposing team. The opposing team members can only block using their body. If the ball makes it over the line (past the opposing team) the scoring team gains a point. There are no set time limits and at any point the referee can call out another number, at which those players on the field have to drop their brooms where they are and run back to their teams. Only then can the players whose numbers have just been called can run onto the field and resume the game from where is was left off. For safety as in hockey, the rule is no high sticking (head of brooms must be kept below waist height).

Carry on till a pre-determined score, time limit or exhausted….

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