Move one short line to make this correct:

5 + 5 + 1 = 546



5 + 5 - 1 = 54/6


You could take off the vertical line from one of the plus signs and cross it over the equals sign. I.e. the 'does-not-equal sign'. Therefore 5 - 5 + 1 does not equal 546

Sent in by Katy Sheen

Hi, I love these puzzles - figured some out, got stumped by others.  I wanted to suggest an alternative answer to puzzle number 23. My solution is to restructure the first plus sign to turn it into the number four (by taking the right hand 'arm' of the plus sign and placing it on the diagonal on the left  - see the number four in 546).  This would give you 545 + 1 = 546.

Sent in by Paula Roy

My solution is to take the upper-left diagonal line of the '4' in 546 to make a 'plus' sign. That would make 5+5+1=5+6. You would just disgurd the line from the 4. The question states you don't have to use this.

Sent in by Matthew Dakin

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