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Round the World

You will need: Pieces of A4 card or paper (or US Letter) Write the names of various countries down, one on each card and have a list of…

The Maths Game

See also the Counting Game for a simpler version of this. Competitors pair up and hold just one hand behind their back. Choosing to show 0 to 5…

Mindbender: Missing money

Three brothers shopping for a TV walk past a shop and see a TV on sale for £30!. ‘Bargain’ they think only £10 each as they always share…

Answer to equation

Key to colouring: Newly worked out – that line, Previously worked out.  DONALD +GERALD =ROBERT  5ONAL5 +GERAL5 =ROBER0 1 Given that D = 5 Therefore T = 0…

Mindbender: Correcting the equation

Move one short line to make this correct: 5 + 5 + 1 = 546 NEXT > by

Mindbender: Sequence

Continue the sequence: 192 021 222 324 252 627 2….? NEXT > by

Mindbender: Acorns

An elm tree was swaying in the wind. It had eight branches and on each tree branch were eight acorns. The wind blew an acorn off each branch….

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